Redesigning Your Kitchen Layout

It’s often said that “The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home” and don’t we know how true that is! The majority of families around the world would agree that the kitchen is easily the most important room in the home. It is the center that everything revolves around and is often where most of the families’ hours are spent together. However, are you starting to feel like this important hub in your home (or your future custom home) can use a revamp? Let’s talk about some concepts to consider in redesigning your kitchen layout.

Countertop Layout

A good option for upgrading your countertop situation is by figuring out if an Island or a peninsula is a good opportunity for adding a practical yet stylish piece to your kitchen. What are some things to consider when deciding which way to go? The difference between an island and a peninsula are that an island is free standing and give access from all sides, whereas a peninsula is attached on one end and has three open sides. With an island, you have room to be creative because you can have contrasting colors and materials for a fun accent. When it comes to a peninsula, you might want to match it to the rest of your countertops and thus can create a very elegant, classic and cohesive look. A peninsula also requires less floor space and thus is ideal for a smaller kitchen. If you have more space to play with then an island is a great way to add extra seating and storage.


We can likely all agree that there are few things better than an amazing pantry! Storing your food in outdated high-up cabinetry is a thing of the past. One way to update your kitchen and make your life easier is by designing the pantry of your dreams. Walk-in pantries are a game changer for a family home, providing you with plenty of space to keep food well-stored and organized. Built-in shelving, floating shelves, custom door storage and organizer systems are great avenues to go with to maximize your space and also keep things tidy and uncluttered. Another trending idea to really modernize your pantry is to use glass-door panels. If you prefer a more inconspicuous look, a hidden pantry in which your walk-in pantry is disguised as cabinet drawers is certainly a good direction for refreshing and upgrading your kitchen storage without detracting from the simplistic look.


A seemingly small way to make a big difference is by upgrading your kitchen lighting. Adding some fun new pendants, sconces, or chandeliers can give your kitchen a new ambiance. These fixtures can become a showpiece to the room and also help create symmetry as well. On the other hand, recessed lighting can provide increased practicality by giving more illumination to the room while doing it in a minimalistic and understated fashion. Also, consider switching to energy efficient lighting to cut costs, conserve energy, and become more environmentally friendly.


The type of flooring you choose can make a huge difference to the esthetic, as well as provide functionality and durability to this high-traffic area of your home. Some options for materials to choose between for an upgraded floor would be wood, tile, stone, and ceramic tile. The flooring style you select can also help contribute to the overall look you’re hoping to achieve, whether it be farmhouse, contemporary, industrial, or anything else. As far as color goes, cool and light colors can really give your home the more natural and earthy feel that is popular right now. Darker, more traditional floors can make a large kitchen feel warmer and cozier, as well as provide a modern style and provide distinction from lighter colored walls. Pattern and texture choice is also a way to get creative with your design. Patterns like herringbone and chevron are trendy in new homes and give a unique fun style to a once ordinary looking floor. Tile is also a way to give some originality with shapes and movement and can be good for either a modern or vintage style home.

Whichever design trends or ideas you choose to implement in your new kitchen should only enhance the love your family has for this sacred space. By creating the kitchen of your dreams, your family can continue to have a space for gathering and making memories that will last a lifetime. If you are creating the home of your dreams with J&J Custom Homes, the options are truly limitless! Just give us your vision and let us help you make it a reality.

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