Questions About Solar? We Have Answers!

In the early 2000’s, two words took off in popularity that changed the scene of the world forever. What two words were they? Solar Roofing.

Yes, while the concept of solar energy wasn’t new, the idea of using solar panels on roofs to produce electricity and save money or energy became a concept that marked history. Despite this remarkable discovery for the industry, almost 20 years later and many people still have so many questions and misconceptions about solar roofing. Let’s try to tackle some of those and show you what makes solar roofing so amazing!

What are some misconceptions about solar roofing?

“Solar roofing only works in places that have hot climates.”

WRONG! Solar energy works in ALL weather types, EXCEPT at night. Panels may be even more efficient in places with a lot of direct sunlight or longer hours of sunshine. HOWEVER, solar energy DOES WORK on cloudy days. Just like how you still can get a sunburn while skiing, the sun is still powerful and fully beaming on overcast days. Fun fact: Solar roofing can even be used in Antarctica, the coldest location on Earth!

“Solar roofing isn’t a good idea in places with harsh weather conditions like snow, heavy rain and heavy wind.”

WRONG! With GAF Energy solar, the panels are specifically created to lay flush with the roof in order to allow snow to easily slide off. They are also built to withstand very high winds and strong rains. Not only that, but the panels can HELP reinforce the roof itself to withstand such weather conditions!

“Solar panels are not esthetically nice. They look weird.”

WRONG! You might be picturing the clunky, block-looking solar panels that stood out a lot. However, the styles of solar panels have evolved tremendously for the better. GAF Energy solar panels are attractive and low profile. They lay flush with the roof, giving it an overall smoother and blended look; especially when you see it from a street-view.

Alert: Also stay tuned because these nice-looking solar panels are about to get even better looking with an upcoming release that everyone’s going to love… Stay tuned!

“Solar roofing is very expensive, and it doesn’t save enough money to make it worth it.”

Each homeowner has to decide whether they are willing to invest in solar roofing, but many will be surprised to find out that they actually will be saving by using solar roofing. First of all, GAF Energy is considered a premium-level product for quality and affordability. Also, the long-term savings for a family is definitely worth mentioning. The average savings on electricity for a standard family home in the Carolina’s using solar energy is calculated to be about $1800 annually. Another advantage is that, while utilities increase each year, if someone is using solar financing, solar energy remains the same price during the term. Also, in NC there is a government incentive for using solar roofing. Actually, 26% of the cost of the system can be deducted from your taxes AND that provision has been recently extended through 2021.

Some states, such as South Carolina, also offer a rebate to solar energy users through energy companies. Also, many have found that their solar roof produces more energy than they actually need for their home, so they are able to get credits for the excess energy given back to the local utility! This process is called Net Metering. The options for saving are numerous and worth investigating.

“We can’t use solar panels because we have a metal roof.”

Wrong! Solar panels can be used on different types of roofs, the only thing that will change will be how they are mounted. For example, on a flat metal roof, they will be angled. This is very popular in the world of commercial roofing!

“The legalities of using solar panels on my roof are very complicated.”
GAF Energy only operates in places where they are licensed. While the process for getting licensed is a rigorous one, the good thing about going through us is that GAF Energy actually will manage all the permitting and licensing for the homeowner! So, you don’t even have to worry about going through that trouble, its handled for you.

While we could go on about other ways solar roofing is a great idea for so many homeowners or landlords, it wouldn’t be complete without also mentioning that one of the greatest advantages of solar roofing is the positive environment impact it has. Yes, by using solar energy you would also be contributing to using clean energy and reducing the use of limited and toxic emissions, elements, fossil fuels and gasses.

J&J Custom Homes has the option available to add a solar system to your next new dream home, the choice is yours!

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