How to Safely Decorate the Exterior of Your Custom Home for the Holidays

The Holidays are right around the corner and even if your décor style isn’t like the Griswold’s you still might want to do what you can to protect your custom home while decorating. We have compiled some best practices and tips in hopes to help keep your custom home the way you intended it to be, custom for you!

‘Nailed It!’ …Maybe Not So Much

It might seem quick and easy to nail a decoration to your home but using nails, or even staple guns, can leave behind holes and penetrations to the exterior of your home. It might seem like a hole that smallwould be insignificant but it potentially could lead to larger issues. What else can you use instead? Check out our next two tips!

Manufacturers Know Best

We encourage people to use the recommended clips that come with your lights and decorations. If you don’t have the manufacturer provided clips, extra clips that are specifically designed to attach decorations to either roof shingles or gutters can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Commander Says…

Command strips are highly recommended to secure your favorite decorations to your custom home. They are a temporary solution to fit your need, are strong enough to complete the task, and leave little to no marks once they are removed.

Bullhorns are the New Holiday Need?

Another way to protect your roof and gutters while decorating is to make sure that you have a standoff ladder stabilizer, commonly known as a bullhorn. This feature on a ladder not only helps make sure that the ladder is secure for your personal safety but also so that the weight of the ladder is properly distributed and not placed on your gutters or shingle overhang.

The Lighter the Better

Lighter weighted decorations, such as blow-ups, are ideal to put on your roof. Heavy decorations can easily add up weight and put too much stress on your roof than it’s designed to withstand. When it comes to your roof, the lighter the better!

Light Show!

Hologram lights are easy to shine onto the exterior of home. Typically, there are just a few holes in your lawn, leaving no mess on your home!

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