About JJ Custom Homes

“I don’t want to just build a house , I want to build a sanctuary for the future buyers.”

From day 1, I was surrounded by builders. With 2 older civil engineer brothers and a project manager for an uncle, I spent time at job sites long before I was old enough to drive. In fact, I do not recall a Summer where I was not working at a build site. Even as a college student at UNC Charlotte, I could not escape this passion… while many of my friends were part time bartenders,  waiters, etc., I worked construction between my classes. After college, I continued to build until… I joined the US Navy; I felt the calling and proudly served for 5 years where I worked in Procurement, Litigation & Logistics. Since then, not much has changed… in fact, history repeated itself. I married into a family with a long history of builders; including a father-in-law and 3 brothers who are all home builders. Since the Navy, I have worked in home building, production, project management and now… custom homes with J&J!

I have a passion for home building and I would love the opportunity to sit down with you, discuss your vision and start the process of planning, building and watching you move into your dream home! J&J Custom Homes, custom homes redefined.